Guides & FAQ - Accessories Craft Guide

Adrenaline Cabal Online

There are 3 types of accessories upgrade:

  1. AQUA
  2. FLAME
  3. CHAOS

Step 1. Aqua Essence, Flame Essence and Fragment of Chaos

To get AQUA ESSENCE, FLAME ESSENCE and FRAGMENT OF CHAOS you need to “DESTROY” accessories such as

  1. Earing of Guard +7 up to +9
  2. Vampiric Earing +7 up to +9
  3. Bracelet of Fighter +7 up to +9
  4. Bracelet of Sage +7 up to +9

Note: +7 Accessories Gives Circuit Jewel Level 1

+8 Accessories Gives Circuit Jewel Level 2

+9 Accessories Gives Circuit Jewel Level 3

Step 2. Pieces of chaos

How to get Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald piece of chaos

  1. Chaos Arena 5 - For Level 169 who have Forcium set +25 already equipped (Drops @ chest randomly)
  2. Legend Arena – Best to farm here using Blader (spam BM2) this dungeon also drops “Chaos Core”
  3. EOD B3f and Above Dungeon – Best for Team farm (if cannot do solo run) Drops @ last boss this tier Dungeons also drops “Extreme Core lvl 1”

Note: Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Piece of Chaos Can also be used at Bike crafting

Step 3. Disks

How to get level 1 Disks

  1. Disks can be farmed @ UNDEAD GROUND and LAKESIDE

Step 4. Mystery Force Piece

How to get Mystery Force Piece

  1. Mystery Force Piece can be acquired by destroying epaulets

Step 5. Other Materials

How to get Mystery Force Piece

  • Other materials used for crafting can be obtained @ War Lobby
  • You can purchase these materials every War Time
  • All of the items here can be bought using War Experience Points (Wexp)