Guides & FAQ - Where to begin

Adrenaline Cabal Online

Thanks to [GA]KyOn for preparing this guide.

Step 1.

Once you already decided on what job to create you will instantly start at level 100 along with the free beginner set already equipped composed of SIGMetal parts +15.

Step 2.

You also got the following items as freebies:

  1. HP Potion (lv. 4) x999pcs
  2. MP Potion (lv. 4) x999pcs
  3. Return Stones x999pcs
  4. Potion of Veradrix x50pcs – “Can be used only while inside the dungeon while activated it will allow the character to dodge the lethal strike of the monsters/boss allowing the character to recover 100% HP instead of fainting.”
  5. Odd Circle x25pcs
  6. Set of Rings x2 Ring of luck & x2 Critical ring
  7. Potion of Honor “Containing (20 million Honor Points) equivalent to Honor Rank Class 15”
  8. Chest box Contains various consumable items “Can be opened every 20 levels”

Step 3.

All the important skills are already learned on the skill tree tab

All “Transcender” sword, magic and upgrades skills

Step 4.

You can also find the ff. skills already activated

  1. Saint’s Force
  2. Battle Mode 1 (depends on character class)
  3. Battle Mode 2 (depends on character class)
  4. Battle Mode 3 (depends on character class)

Step 5.

Once you are all prepared, you can start gathering exp from “Forgotten Ruin”

  • Use BM 3 and BM 2 simultaneously
  • Change channel and find another “Reddish Cauda”
  • Repeat Killing “Reddish Cauda” until you reach “level 110”

Step 6.

Now that you are level 110 you can now teleport to “Lake Side”

  • Use BM 3 and BM 2 simultaneously
  • Lure the mobs to gain more exp
  • Do this until you reach “level 120”

Step 7.

Now that you reach level 120 it is now time to choose what nation do want to be with

  1. You need at least “1,300,000” alz
  2. Deposit all your alz from your inventory to your bank
  3. Withdraw the following alz for nation code
    Capella – 1,234,561
    Procyon - 1,234,562
  4. Select Server or Select Character after the withdrawal of alz code from the bank

Step 8.

Open the level 120 chest box you will receive the following:

  1. Chest box level 140
  2. Blessing Bead Exp 50%
  3. Blessing Bead Plus
  4. Odd Circle x10pcs

Note: Use both of the blessing beads

Step 9.

Now that you got your nation done and blessing bead activated

Go to “Illusion Castle Underworld” located at Lake side 2nd warp

Step 10.

Kill the boss

  • Use BM 3 and BM 2 simultaneously
  • Do this until you reach “level 169”

Note: After reaching level 169 you can decide wheter you want to freeze your exp or continue to level up